Below is a list of downloadable documents from the Health in Mind service.

Folder Leaflet

CBT leaflet

Information about our Congnitive Behavioural Therapists and the support they provide

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Couples therapy

Couples therapy for depression aims to improve relationships by helping couples identify and work together on things that create unhappiness.

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Dealing with Worry

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Finding Stability- Mindfulness Course

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Health in Mind - General service leaflet

General leaflet about what Health in Mind offer

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Information in different languages

Advice for people who need information in other languages

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Living Well with Stress

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Managing Your Mood

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Our Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course

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OCD clinic

Information about our OCD clinic

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PCMHP leaflet

Information about our Primary Care Mental Health Practitioner team

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PWP leaflet

Leaflet about our Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and the support they can provide to get you back on track

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Self Esteem and Confidence workshop

Information about our Self Esteem and Confidence workshop delivered by our Cognitive Behavioural Therapists

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SilverCloud - Online guided self help

24/7 access to CBT resources from the comfort of your own home via web, tablet or smartphone

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