IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the developing Coronavirus situation we have suspended all Health in Mind courses at the present time.

In order to be able to continue to offer our wide ranging programme we have made a decision to move our group programme online via webinars and are working to make these available as soon as possible.

In the meantime our access to SilverCloud online treatment remains open as usual although at the current time this will be unsupported.

Please CLICK HERE to access our free Unsupported SilverCloud online treatment modules.

More updates on our online courses will be posted on this page shortly as well as our dedicated page relating to Coronavirus which you can access HERE.

There are currently no available courses. Please check back soon.



Important information when registering...

We are only able to provide a service for people who are registered with a GP in East Sussex (excluding Brighton and Hove) and are over 18. 

Using the above table to register for a course or SilverCloud does not always guarantee you will be accepted to proceed and it is important to us that you get the help that is right for you. In some circumstances we may offer an appointment with one of our practitioners to talk about your current needs to ensure this course is the best way forward.

If you wish to attend a Stress Control course OR access Slvercloud, please use the above table and register your interest.  Please be aware that we recommend only one intervention at any one time so please do not register for both Silvercloud and a Stress Control course

If you want to speak to someone first about other treatment options available or are unsure if Stress Control or Silvercloud is right for you, the quickest way to make a referral without delay is online using the link on the Contact page. 

Please do not complete a stress control or Silvercloud registration form as well as a self-referral form. This is because it may slow down the process and take longer for us to contact you if we receive multiple referrals from you.   
If you are already open to our service, i.e. you are currently seeing a practitioner or therapist in Health in Mind please do not complete a registration form for Stress Control or Silvercloud.  Please speak to your practitioner about your interest in these options.