Living Well with Respiratory Conditions - Bexhill

Start Date: 2020-02-27
End Date: 2020-03-26
Price: FREE
Time: Thursdays 10-11.30am
Location: Bexhill

 What is Living Well with a Respiratory Condition about?


  • This is a five session course, delivered by your FREE local NHS Service on a weekly basis.


  • Sessions last for 90 minutes (plus a break of 15 minutes) and is delivered in a convenient local venue.


  • It is especially tailored for people living with a Respiratory Condition who are feeling low, worried or stressed who would like to learn clinically proven techniques, to overcome common symptoms of stress, anxiety and low mood.


  • You can chose to be involved in discussions or simply just listen.


  • It is an opportunity to meet other people living with respiratory conditions and learn from each other’s experiences.


  • You will receive a FREE workbook at each session 



 Who is this course most suitable for?

  • The course is most suited to people who have a diagnosis of a Respiratory condition like COPD or who experience breathlessness. It can also help to boost self – esteem.


  • If you don’t think this course is suitable for you please talk to one of your facilitators.



Session summary

  • Session 1

Understanding pulmonary conditions and the experience of breathlesssness. What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy? How can CBT help? Learn about panic, the benefits of relaxation and practice relaxation techniques.


  • Session 2

Understanding the difference between anxiety and respiratory condition symptoms. Look at how anxiety affects the body and how we can manage it.  Learn about avoidance and how to overcome this.  

  • Session 3

Managing low mood by gradually increasing activity levels.  Learn about pacing and practice relaxation techniques.


  • Session 4

What is generalised anxiety and worry?  Learn about worry management, how to challenge unhelpful thoughts and problem solving.


  • Session 5

Lifestyle behaviours and how you can maintain the changes you have made for the future.



How will this help me?

  • This course can help you understand how living with a respiratory condition can affect your mood and wellbeing.


  • Teach you strategies that you can use in your day to day life


  • Increase your confidence and stay well to focus on doing things that are important to you