Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a short-term, focused talking therapy which helps you identify thoughts, feelings and behaviour and how they are interconnected. CBT helps you to understand what keeps your problems going, focusing on the here and now rather than exploring the past. Learning to overcome problems and developing self help techniques means that people are more able to maintain their improvement after therapy.  It is not a quick fix cure and like all therapies it takes commitment and motivation to see improvements in your wellbeing. Studies have shown CBT can be as effective as medication for depression, anxiety, panic, OCD and fears. (Click here for the Health in Mind OCD clinic) A specialist form of CBT can also be useful in overcoming traumatic memories.

Therapy consists of weekly one-to-one sessions of about 50 minutes.  The average number of sessions will be between 8 and 12.  

"The CBT support, sensitivity and encouragement became a crucial turning point in helping me re‐build my resilience and coping strategies"