Top tips for making the most out of SilverCloud


  • Set yourself some manageable goals

Goals can help you get motivated, even if they are something small. Try to think about what you want to achieve from the programme, what you would like to improve. Use the SilverCloud goals tool to break down big goals into smaller steps.


  • Leave comments and questions for your supporter

Your supporter would love to hear more from you in terms of how you’re finding the different tools, what you particularly enjoy, if you have any questions about certain parts of the programme or if you’re struggling with anything in particular. If you leave a message, or share a journal entry, they will be able to offer you more tailored advice and give useful suggestions.


  • Practice makes perfect!

Use the tools and techniques on the programme, but try to practice them throughout the weeks that you are working through the programme, and continue with them after you’ve finished. Sometimes these techniques take a while to get used to so they work best if you keep practicing. If you find something difficult, just let your supporter know and they can help you.


  • Get others involved

You might like to ask a friend or family member to help you work through the programme. This will help to keep you on track and they will understand more about what you’re trying to do. They could even learn something too!


  • Use the programme regularly

Some people find it helpful to have set times during their week when they log in and go through the programme. If you struggle to remember to log in, you might like to set reminders (see section 4 of this booklet). You could also bookmark the website to your internet browser so you see it regularly.


  • Take your time

There is a lot of information on SilverCloud so don’t be afraid to log in and out, and re-read modules when you need to. At the start, it’s especially important that you get to know the programme and don’t try to rush through all the modules at once.


  • Believe in yourself

Sometimes it can seem like there is a lot to get through or that some of the techniques are too difficult, or a bit unusual. A lot of people feel like this, but if you give things a go you might be pleasantly surprised! If in doubt, discuss your concerns with your supporter. You can do it!