COVID-19 - a message to our community

The Health in Mind team is working with colleagues across Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to support our teams and members of the community during this time. We are working to protect frontline staff, maintain safety, health and wellbeing whilst delivering our service 

Responding to the situation

In response to the COVID-19 crisis the Health in Mind service made some changes to the way we do things.

We now deliver the majority of our 1-1 treatments online (video link) or by telephone. This has been well received with many people saying this has made accessing our service even more convenient. Due to limited space within our buildings we are able to offer a small amount of face to face appointments in specific circumstances, this would be discussed with a member of our team.

All of our courses can be accessed online. We have also developed new courses which can be accessed as live online sessions

As an NHS provider we are focussed on meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities however we also encourage those with milder symptoms to get in touch. Tackling issues at an earlier stages means quicker access to treatment and can prevent symptoms worsening.

Video resources and online offers

We have set up a new Resources page on our site to help people in our community. 

Here you will find videos we have produced sharing top tips to look after you emotional health, as well as a list of useful links to other sources of support.

In addition, we have set up open and independent access to 4 modules on our fantastic SilverCloud online therapy programme. More information can be found on our SilverCloud page about modules which are on: 

Coping in a time of COVID-19, Stress, Resilience and Sleep.

All useful stuff, and as always, all free.

The way we provide our service

 The clinician that your appointment has been booked with will call you on the number(s) that you have provided. They will discuss with you how best we can support you during this time.

If you need to change your contact number please let us know as soon as possible. Ideally, please call 0300 00 30 130

Please see our main Sussex Partnership Trust website which also contains useful information:

The Government's advice in relation to COVID-19 to help protect yourself and the community can be found at