COVID-19 - a message to our community

The Health in Mind team is working with colleagues across Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to develop our response to COVID-19.

To support our teams and members of the community during this time, we are working to protect frontline staff, maintain safety, health and wellbeing whilst delivering our service where possible.

This web page will be updated regularly with Health in Mind and Sussex Partnership wide guidance.

Responding to the situation

Update 27 March 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis the Health in Mind service is reviewing what we are able to offer at this time.

Our previous updates confirmed that our service has had to move entirely to telephone and online interactions. However, given the fast changing situation we also may not be able to offer our full range of therapies.

As an NHS provider we are focussed on meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities and this will affect our capacity to provide what we normally offer.

We will be providing further updates on this page. For those who have already been in contact with the service we will contact you directly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will soon be sharing some free resources to help look after your mental health.

In the meantime, keep safe & keep well. Best wishes, The Health in Mind team.

Changes to the way we provide our service

Update 18th March 2020

Health in Mind is now taking preventative measures to support our community and team members, which means that
all appointments will now take place via telephone, or video where this is possible.  We appreciate that this might feel concerning but please be assured that this decision has been taken in order to ensure the safety of you, the community and our staff.

The clinician that your appointment has been booked with will call you on the number(s) that you have provided. They will discuss with you how best we can support you during this time.

If you need to change your contact number please let us know as soon as possible. Ideally, please call 0300 00 30 130

Please see our main Sussex Partnership Trust website which also contains useful information:

The Government's advice in relation to COVID-19 to help protect yourself and the community can be found at  

Groups at Health in Mind

Update as of 16 March 2020:

We want to be able to continue to offer our wide ranging group programme, but have made a decision to move our group programme online via webinars. 

In order to set these online groups up, we will be suspending all Health in Mind groups/ courses for the next two weeks.


Update as of 25 March 2020:

Individual appointments will continue as planned however as per our previous update on 18th March, all appointments will now take place by telephone or video where this is possible. 

Please follow the Government's advice and do not attend an appointment if you have a fever and a persistent cough. The latest government advice is here: